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Delight Counselling is a private counselling practice which aims at supporting our clients to learn to let go of the pain from their past, reconnect with themselves, and be more confident with other people in marriage, family, and workplace. We work with both local UK and overseas organizations to support people with mental health concerns and promote mental health awareness through counselling and workshops. 

Our Counselling Services

Incest & Sexual Abuse Counselling

We’ll help you cope with the emotions you’re currently feeling. We will also help you regain control back over your life by helping you cope with what happened. 

Parental Counselling

Parenting counseling is a type of service that aims to provide the necessary knowledge, tools, guidance, and support to parents. All this is done within a safe space without bias or judgment.

Sexual Trauma Counselling

Delight Counselling provides both emotional and practical support to people who have experienced sexual abuse and violence in childhood or in adulthood.

Online Counselling
make yourself convenient

With the use of online digital platforms, you can talk to your counsellor at anytime, anywhere at your convenience by using your phone or computer. Our clients claim that it is as effective as face-to-face counselling. Why don’t try this new method today!

Our Outcomes

1 %
Overall Improvement

Most clients reported a significant improvement in general mental health state.

1 %
Reduced Anxiety & Depression Symptoms

Most clients with anxiety and depression concerns reported a sharp reduction in symptoms.

1 %
Increased Confidence & Trust For Others

Most clients reported feeling more confident in themselves and their ability to trust other people.

Client Testimonials

I definitely feel a lot less stressful about my family situation and I am now able not to blame myself for their mistakes. I feel more confident to tell other people about my weaknesses, especially to my friends and my partner......
Client RN
Business Co-Owner
I have learnt how to build solid personal boundaries around myself, and have learnt how to express myself when I don't want to compromise. I am now able to forgive my parents and other offenders who used to hurt me......
Client SP
Project Manager
I am now able not to feel guilty of not living up to the expectations of other people. I am now able to give more respect to myself and let go of the anger that used to trap me in different situations......
Client EC
Project Manager

Crisis Management in the UK Charity

Crisis Management is considered to be more important and relevant in today’s charity services. Many charity reacts to crisis rather than planning for them. In fact, charities can turn a crisis into an opportunity for growth by laying the groundwork ahead of time.

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