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Anxiety & Depression Counselling

Our anxiety & depression counselling service provides professional support for people who have experienced symptoms of anxiety or depression. The idea is that through counselling people can learn how to develop the skills necessary to minimize these symptoms, manage current and future stressful situations effectively and confidently, and learn to become a more confident and happier person. 

Anxiety & Depression Counselling

struggle with stress or past situations that hold you back?

Delight Counselling can support people to tackle underlying issues that have started the depression or anxiety and learn how to regain a sense of control over their emotions and their lives effectively. 

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feel overwhelmed by negative thinking patterns?

Delight Counselling can support people to learn how to change any thought patterns or behaviors that feed the anxiety or depression cycles. So, people can learn how to confront negative assumptions about their issues and gain a fresh start in their lives. 

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Struggle with loneliness or isolation?

Delight Counselling can support people to move out of feelings of loneliness and social isolation as a result of anxiety or depression. So, people can learn how to form healthy relationships with other people without being affected by constant worry or fear in a particular social situation. 

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why choose our services?

Qualified Counselling

Our counsellors are fully qualified had relevant training in anxiety & depression related strategies for effective personal recovery from anxiety & depression symptoms.

Multilingual Service

Our counsellors can speak English, Chinese, and Cantonese to suit the specific cultural needs of their clients from various social backgrounds.

Online Counselling

Our counsellors can see their clients online, especially for clients who cannot travel to access face to face counselling service.

Community builder

Our counsellors have been working with local charity organizations to promote mental health awareness through training workshops and talks.

Client's Testimonials

"Delight Counselling has helped me to stop the feeling of self-doubt which came from my parents. I have now become more confident of pursuing my own career path without being hindered by how my parents used to see me as their daughters. I have become less anxious when making decisions for my own future.
"Delight Counselling has helped me to unpack the reasons behind my anxiety around living out my dream as a writer. I have now become more able to speak to my parents about my future career choices and be more assertive in my own decisions of working independently outside of my own comfort zone. I have become more courageous to manage my own time and energy to invest in other projects I want to develop for my own business.
Painting Class Coach
"Delight Counselling has helped me to deal with the root problems of my depression, which came from various incidents of school bullying and conflicts with my elderly brother. I have become more confident of expressing myself in front of other people and making personal decisions of which university I would like to go to.
A-Level Student
"Delight Counselling has helped me to deal with my own depressed feelings outside of my working hours. In the past, I always had a lack of motivation of doing things positive and spent time on playing computer games without a life purpose. Delight Counselling has helped me to find out the passion of my life and enable me to set both short-term and long-term goals in order for my life to be organized.
Electrical Engineer


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