Delight Counselling

Counselling Prices

Standard Students 
Sexual Trauma Counselling £90 £75
Incest & Sexual Abuse Counselling £90 £75
Online Counselling £90 £75
Parental Counselling £90 £75
*For low-cost option, proof of pension or low income must be provided upon arrival for the first session.

Client Testimonials

I definitely feel a lot less stressful about my family situation and I am now able not to blame myself for their mistakes. I feel more confident to tell other people about my weaknesses, especially to my friends and my partner......
Client RN
Business Co-Owner
I have learnt how to build solid personal boundaries around myself, and have learnt how to express myself when I don't want to compromise. I am now able to forgive my parents and other offenders who used to hurt me......
Client SP
Project Manager
I am now able not to feel guilty of not living up to the expectations of other people. I am now able to give more respect to myself and let go of the anger that used to trap me in different situations......
Client EC
Project Manager
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