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Counselling Supervision

Counselling supervision is also known as Clinical supervision. It is extremely important for both beginners and advanced counsellors. You may seek supervision for help with diagnosis, or if you’re in a situation where the client presents an issue that is unfamiliar to you. Counselling supervision helps identify blind spots and things you may have missed. It is also a very logical thing to do when you’re trying out new techniques to ensure your practise is at the level needed by your clients. 

Counselling Supervision

Who is Counselling Supervision for?

Counselling supervision is mainly for student counsellors who are enrolled on a counselling course and are required to have their own personal therapy. This is a crucial part of ongoing personal and professional development. In a person therapy setting, student counsellors are encouraged to deepen their knowledge and understanding of what it means to practice ethically and professionally as a counsellor.

What Happens During Counselling Supervision?

Student counsellors are encouraged to reflect on their general life experiences both within and outside of their counselling courses, in order to inform both personal and professional development. Student counsellors are expected to work with one therapist for personal therapy during their entire course of study and practice.

Student counsellors are encouraged to have their first session with us and reflect on their own counselling experiences before signing any contract


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