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Parental Counselling

Our family counselling service provides two specialized professional support for parents and couples that are having difficulties in a current relationship with their partner, children or other family members. The idea is that families or couples who have difficulties will go and talk to our counsellors and try to resolve the issues together

Parental Counselling

struggling with your children's behaviours?

Delight Counselling can support parents to develop new ways and techniques to manage children’s challenging behaviours both at home and in classroom so that parents don’t need to yell or shout at their children any more.

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Have difficulties talking to your partner in parenting?

Delight Counselling can support parents to improve communication skills with their partner in parenting so that both parents can enjoy the sheer joy of raising their kids together.

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Feel stress and anxiety in parenting?

Delight Counselling can support parents to learn new ways of dealing with stress and anxiety so that their emotions can be more stable in building positive relationships with their children.

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Couple Counselling

Have trust issues with your partner?

Delight Counselling can support couples to work through reasons behind any trust issues and allow honest communications so that couples can see the issues from each other’s perspective. 

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not respected or valued by your partner?

Delight Counselling can support couples to redefine their expectations and personal boundaries in the relationship so that both parties can compromise in useful ways with mutual respect. 

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feel not good enough for your partner?

Delight Counselling can support couples to work through the reasons behind a lack of self-confidence and redefine their self-worth in a healthy way. 

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why choose our services?

Counselling Specialist

Our counsellors had prior specialist training in positive parenting to support both teachers in school environments and parents at home.

Multilingual Service

Our counsellors can speak English, Chinese, and Cantonese to suit the specific cultural needs of their clients from various social backgrounds.

Online Counselling

Our counsellors can see their clients online, especially for parents and couples who cannot travel to access face to face counselling service.

Community builder

Our counsellors have been working with local charity organizations to promote mental health awareness through training workshops and talks.

Client's Testimonials

"Delight Counselling has helped me to learn how to set rules and boundaries around my younger child's play time without yelling or shouting when he doesn't listen to instructions. I have learnt to explore with my son about how to use housework for teaching him effective financial management with his pocket money"
Full Time Mum
"Delight Counselling has helped me to rebuild my relationship with my 5 years old son after being looked after by his grandparents for nearly 5 years. I have learnt to use different ways of allowing my son to express his feelings for better communications after years of separation."
Full Time Mum
"Delight Counselling has helped me to train my child to finish his school works independently without me spending too much time helping him. I have learnt to let go my anxious expectations of his school performances and allow him to make decisions for himself."
Full Time Mum
"Delight Counselling has helped me not to feel guilty of my partner's behaviors and helped me to overcome a lack of confidence of supporting my partner. I have learnt to be emotionally strong for meeting the emotional needs of my partner."
Business Manager

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