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Low Self-Confidence Counselling

Self-confidence involves trusting your own judgement and feeling comfortable with your own abilities and powers. Having low self-confidence can lead to you feeling insecure and uncomfortable within your own skin. Self-confidence can affect how you present yourself physically to the world and also how you relate to other people.

Low Self-Confidence Counselling

Feel Self-Confident in Some Situations but not others?

It’s common that you may not feel self-confident in all areas of your life. You may be particularly confident at work, but experience a lack social confidence. 

Or you might have a great romantic relationship, but experience a lack of confidence within your friendships. Becoming completely self-confidence can help enhance all aspects of your life, including your relationships, career, social life and state of mind.


Is Self-Confidence Different from Self-Esteem?

Self-confidence is different from self-esteem but the two terms are often used interchangeably. Confidence is connected to the external world and how others see us, whereas self-esteem is more about our relationship with ourselves and how we feel about who we are.

How can Counselling help?

Counselling can help improve self-confidence. A trained professional can provide a safe space to explore what is holding you back. Techniques and strategies can be developed together to build your self-confidence. Once we know what’s causing such thoughts, we can work on changing the negative thought patterns.


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