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Online counselling is not anything new, but it has gained popularity more recently. Online counselling became popular because it allows both parties to talk from anywhere in the world. While some prefer traditional means of meeting in a location, others prefer that online counselling is fully flexible and saves time on things like travel.

How Online Counselling Works

It is now easier than ever to communicate online with your therapist. As long as your desktop computer, tablet or smartphone has an internet connection, you can speak to your counsellor anywhere. There are many ways you and your counsellor can speak vis a secure online method. The most popular means are often Skype, Whatapp and Zoom which are all easy to use and enable for voice and video communication.


Your session will still be arranged and you will agree on a time in advance. The agreed time will suit both you and your counsellor and you can decide whether you’d like your therapist to see you via a video call or just talk instead. 

Is Online Therapy Effective?

Previous studies on mental health issues have found online cognitive behavioural therapy to be an effective, acceptable and practical form of health care. Studies have also found online cognitive behavioural therapy to be equally as effective as face-to-face treatment for major depression, panic and anxiety. 

Most of the effectiveness comes down to the person seeking help and which therapy method they are most comfortable with.

Why Do People Use Online Counselling?

There are many reasons why people tend to use online counselling over face-to-face sessions. Some people struggle to find the time for office-based appointments as this also includes travelling times and sometimes moving around schedules at work. Others don’t have travel access to a therapist and online therapy removes this hurdle. Some people prefer to keep their sessions online as they feel more comfortable confiding with a therapist or counsellor this way. If a person is struggling with social anxiety, travelling to attend a session at an unfamiliar location could be triggering for them. 

Types Of Online Counselling

There are a few types of online counselling, the term refers to any form of counselling that is conducted over the internet. This means telephone, email, online chats and video chats are all under the online counselling term. 

Telephone Counselling

There are a few types of online counselling, the term refers to any form of counselling that is conducted over the internet. This means telephone, email, online chats and video chats are all under the online counselling term. 

How Does Telephone Counselling Work?

Telephone counselling works the same way a regular call does. You just need to arrange the phone counselling session with your therapist or counsellor and you can chat over a regular call, or over an internet connection.

Email Counselling

Email counselling is a form of online counselling that enables a client to work with a qualified counsellor or therapist through email exchange. The process involves the client writing their concerns into an email, and the counsellor will then reply with a well thought out response.

Why do people like email counselling? For some, writing down their struggles can be an extremely effective way of processing the negative emotions they’re feeling. Not everyone is comfortable speaking or vocalising their problems out loud.

How Does Email Counselling Work?

The emails can be written at any time and the client is in control of when they wish to write the email, whether that be in one sitting or documented over a few days.  Some may wish to prepare the email as the thought occurs, instead of waiting for several days for a face to face session.

Not having face-to-face communication is prefered by people who find it easier to be open about their struggles via more discrete means. Before the emailing counselling session begins, a consultation will need to be conducted where the client and therapist will get to know each other better and the type of concerns that resulted in them seeking help.

Online Chat Counselling

Online chat counselling is conducted at a prearranged time using an instant messenger service. This allows clients to receive an instant ‘real-time’ response from their therapist. 

What’s the difference between email and online chat counselling? Online chat counselling provides instant replies and feedback whereas email counselling may involve a waiting period for a reply. Online chat counselling is very accessible and convenient, which is why a lot of people choose this method over face-to-face counselling. This option also gives the client the option of obtaining a certain level of privacy in terms of identity. 

How Does Online Chat Counselling Work?

If you’d like to give online chat counselling a go, you’d just need to get in touch with your chosen counsellor to arrange a mutually convenient time for you to both ‘meet’ online. You’ll both attend the predetermined chat room which will be secure and confidential, during the chosen time slot. Once you’re both active in the chat you can both begin to exchange instant messages for the agreed period of the session.

Video Chat Counselling

Video chat counselling has become an increasingly popular option for those who can’t make face to face counselling sessions.  Video chat means you can chat in real-time using an internet connection. There are a variety of programmes and apps you can use to do this, but you’ll need to do it on a device that has a camera and microphone.

Many people find video chat counselling to be very effective as they can hear and see their counsellor. This, of course, makes the sessions still feel very personal for those who prefer to communicate this way. Like the other methods, video counselling means that you can attend a session from the comfort of your own home and you can talk to a counsellor from anywhere in the world.

How Does Video Chat Counselling Work?

It’s a very similar process to the other methods, you’ll agree on a suitable time for sessions and discuss the reason you are seeking counselling. During the initial consultation, you can check that everything is working correctly and that you feel comfortable receiving counselling in video chat format. During the initial consultation, you can also get to know your counsellor and ensure that you are happy with their style of working.

The other sessions from then on will also be pre-arranged and you only need to ensure you’re ready to go at the allocated time.

Looking for Online Counselling?

We don’t just do online counselling in the UK, the beauty of online counselling means that you can be anywhere in the world. If you’re looking for online counselling, get in touch. 

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