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Psychotherapy helps people with psychological problems that have built up over the course of a long period of time. Psychotherapy gives you time to really dive deep into what is causing you distress. Then we can equip you with the tools to cope with difficult situations in a more adaptive way.


What’s the Difference Between Counselling & Psychotherapy?

Counselling and Psychotherapy are often considered to be interchangeable therapies that overlap in a variety of ways. Counselling is often offered as part of a psychotherapy process. The main difference between the two is the recommended time required to see the benefits. Counselling is usually a brief treatment that centres around behaviour patterns, whereas psychotherapy focuses on working with clients for a longer periods of time to draws from insight into emotional problems and difficulties.

How can Psychotherapy help?

Psychotherapy sessions will help you understand your feelings, thoughts and actions more clearly. It is a longer-term process of treatment that identifies emotional issues and the background to the problems and difficulties being experienced.


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