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Sexual Trauma Counselling

Our sexual trauma counselling provides professional support for people who have experienced sexual violence both in childhood and adulthood. The idea is that people can learn not to numb the pain and learn effective strategies to move out of shame, guilt, and the fear of rejections for settling back into calmness and peace for healthy social engagement with other people. 

Sexual Trauma 


Are feeling rejected or abandoned the key phrase in your life?

Delight Counselling can support people to explore the roots of feeling rejected or abandoned, so that people can learn new ways of reversing the fear of rejections or being hurt in day to day relationships with other people. 

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Struggle with feelings of shame and self-hatred?

Delight Counselling can support people to acknowledge the causes of self-condemnation and develop strategies that help people to manage these feelings in a positive way, knowing that they are worthy of being loved and accepted. 

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Struggle with memories or emotions of past sexual trauma?

Delight Counselling can support people to move out of feelings or memories that involve guilt, shame, anger, and helplessness. So, people can regain a sense of control over their emotions without being overwhelmed by their distress. 

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why choose our services?

Qualified Counselling

Our counsellors are fully qualified and had specialized training in sexual trauma related strategies for effective personal recovery from previous trauma in childhood or adulthood.

Multilingual Service

Our counsellors can speak English, Chinese, and Cantonese to suit the specific cultural needs of their clients from various social backgrounds.

Online Counselling

Our counsellors can see their clients online, especially for clients who cannot travel to access face to face counselling service.

Community builder

Our counsellors have been working with local charity organizations to promote mental health awareness through training workshops and talks.

Client's Testimonials

"Delight Counselling has helped me to overcome the shame of not being perfect in people's eyes by exploring ways of opening myself up to other people I trust. I have now become more confident in my ability to exert positive influence in the workplace and the people I work with."
University Student
"Delight Counselling has helped me to let go the shame of not wanting to be loved by breaking down my defense mechanism of self-protection. I have now become open to my partner and to my parents about my abuse experience and they have been very supportive in helping me to recover from the past trauma."
"Delight Counselling has helped me to identify the root problem of self-harm by learning to forgive those people who abused and mistreated me when I was a child. I have now more capable of building my own personal boundary with other people in work and in social life and I am better at responding in compassion to people who don't respect me that much.
Project Manager
"Delight Counselling has helped me to acknowledge the negative consequences of seeking love and attention from people who would take advantage of me. It has helped me to rebuild my relationship with my dad and I have now become more confident of partnering with friends who will have positive impact on me in my own recovery journey.
University Student


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