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The level of trust we have can affect relationships with our partners, our marriage and even the relationship we have with ourselves. Trust is important for our emotional wellbeing so if it’s something you’re struggling with it’s worth exploring why. 

Trust involves risk and risk can make many of us feel vulnerable. Some people may put a guard up for most of their life, not letting themselves truly open up or feel vulnerable with someone. Other individuals may have been trusting in the past, but have since had an incident with a partner or family member that led to a breakdown in trust.


Where does lack of trust stem from?

In relationships or marriages a lack of trust usually stems from one party being unfaithful or lied to. A breakdown in trust can be hurtful for all parties involved and you can begin to question everything you once thought to be true. Often when there is infidelity, one party may begin to question themselves or even begin to see themselves differently. Often one may wonder what they did wrong for their partner to not be honest or faithful. Situations like these can really affect one’s self confidence as well as trust.

Individuals that don’t have direct trust issues with their partner but experience this more within themselves may have experienced an incident earlier in life. This may come from family experiences where they felt rejected or not accepted by certain members and they now exprice a fear of letting someone close enough again that could reject them.

Trust heavily replies to the people around you and what we experience through life. We have expectations that those around us will behave a certain way and when that is not met, it can affect many parts of our lives.   

How can Psychotherapy help you trust?

If you’re experiencing trust issues within your relationship or marriage, couples counselling can help you face the situation in a nonjudgmental environment. No matter how big or trivial the issue your facing may feel, you’ll have a counsellor to help aid the healing process. 

If your trust issues are more of a personal struggle, individual counselling will help you identify the underlying cause of the trust issues you experience. The aim of individual counselling would be to help you think of new ways to combat the negative feelings. And eventually, allow yourself to trust again in due course. We may help you work through past trauma if that has contributed towards the lack of trust you currently have. 


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